Chris’s willpower is no match for the lure of an icy strawberry margarita. Its bright berry flavor with tart lime and a hint of orange beg to be made into a pie. For this creation, a strawberry cream filling made with a nonalcoholic frozen drink mixer is topped with lime curd and infused with a hint of tequila. A salted pie crust rim and a dusting of flaked sea salt sprinkled on the top just before serving is the perfect pairing for this sliceable cocktail. If you want this to be a completely alcohol-free pie, replace the tequila with orange juice.



Standard Single Crust (this page), baked and cooled in a 9-inch standard pie plate 

Large-flake sea salt, such as Maldon, for serving 




Egg white, at room temperature1 large

Large-flake sea salt, such as Maldon1 tablespoon0.35 ounce10 grams


Frozen strawberry daiquiri mixer (nonalcoholic), thawed1¼ cups10 ounces283 grams

Fresh orange juice2 tablespoons1 ounce28 grams

Cornstarch3 tablespo

ons0.8 ounce23 grams

Egg yolks3 large

Sweetened condensed milk1 14-ounce can14 ounces397 grams


Unsalted butter2 tablespoons1 ounce28 grams

Tequila2 teaspoons


Whole milk1 tablespo


Unflavored powdered gelatin½ teaspoon

Finely grated lime zest1 tablespoon

Sugar¾ cup5.25 ounces150 grams

Fresh lime juice¼ cup2 ounces57 grams

Eggs2 large


Unsalted butter, cut into 4 pieces4 tablespoons2 ounces57 grams

Tequila1 tablespo

on0.5 ounce14 grams

MAKE THE SALTED RIM: Preheat the oven to 350°F. In a small bowl, whisk the egg white, then use a pastry brush to lightly coat a 2- to 3-inch section of the crust’s edge with the egg white. Immediately sprinkle the brushed area with the sea salt. Continue around the pie until all of the edge has been brushed and sprinkled with salt. Don’t brush the pie edge all at once; if your kitchen is warm or dry, the egg white may dry before you have a chance to sprinkle the salt. Bake the crust until the egg white is dry and the salt is set, 3 to 5 minutes. Transfer the pie crust to a wire rack to cool completely, about 15 minutes. You can use a dry pastry brush and a spoon like a broom and dustpan to collect any extra salt that may have landed inside the crust. (A few pieces of extra salt won’t hurt, but a lot of salt could wreak havoc with your filling.) 

MAKE THE STRAWBERRY CREAM FILLING: In a medium saucepan, whisk together the thawed strawberry drink mixer, orange juice, and cornstarch until the cornstarch is dissolved. Whisk in the egg yolks, condensed milk, and salt. Over medium heat, bring the mixture to a boil, whisking constantly. Continue whisking, reduce the heat to medium-low, and continue to boil for 1 minute. 

Remove the saucepan from the heat and whisk in the butter and tequila until the butter has melted and is incorporated. Strain the mixture through a fine-mesh sieve into a medium bowl, using a rubber spatula to press the cream through the sieve. 

Transfer the strawberry mixture to the cooled pie crust and smooth the top with an offset spatula. Press plastic wrap directly onto the top of the strawberry mixture and refrigerate until cool and firm throughout, at least 2 hours. 

MAKE THE LIME CURD TOPPING: Place the milk in a small bowl. Sprinkle the gelatin evenly over the milk and set aside. 

Combine the lime zest and sugar in a small saucepan. Using your fingertips, pinch the lime zest into the sugar to extract the flavorful lime oils. Do this until the sugar has turned a light green color. Whisk in the lime juice, eggs, and salt and cook over medium-low heat, stirring constantly, until the mixture begins to thicken and coats the back of a spoon. Watch the mixture carefully as it cooks, as it can thicken quickly. (If the mixture begins to bubble at the edges, immediately remove it from the heat.) When the mixture is thickened, remove the pan from the heat and whisk in the butter until melted and incorporated. Whisk in the softened gelatin and the tequila. 

Remove the plastic wrap from the cold strawberry filling, and pour the lime mixture over the top, spreading evenly with an offset spatula, if needed. 

CHILL THE PIE: Refrigerate the pie until it is cold, at least 3 more hours or up to overnight. Serve each slice with an additional light sprinkling of flaked sea salt. (The additional salt is not required, but it is highly recommended!) (Store leftovers tightly covered in the refrigerator for up to 2 days. Keep in mind that moisture in the air, especially if you live in a humid environment, will begin to dissolve the salt on the crust.)

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